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Luxury Services

Lime Wash Paint 

Textured wall paint that can be used on the interior or exterior. The mineral surface breaks up incoming light and refracts it in every direction. 

Lime Wall Paint is a specifically formulated texture paint to allow the lime to gently “bloom" creating soft tonal variations which add depth, texture and a velvety suede like effect. This soothing radiance cannot be duplicated by any acrylic or latex paint.

Cabinets Painting



  • We paint all type of custom carpentry such as cabinets, shiplap and paneling, wood ceilings, closets and more.


Historic Preservation Painting

Experienced in Downtown and historic properties in general.  These properties required a different type of preparation, focused on maintaining the historic value while protecting and making sure all details and surfaces are properly painted.

High End Custom Homes 

Luxury and expansive homes require an extensive attention to detail and expertise. 

We have been working with prestigious builders who trust their most delicate projects to us, making us part of their most trusted associates.

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